WISE ENERJI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Modular Switchgear, Load Disconnector, Breakers, Pantograph Disconnectors, Concrete Kiosks, Oil Transformers, Dry Type Transformers, Reactors
SALT PROJECT MAKINA SAN. LTD. STI. Salt Production Machine, Battery Recycling Machine, Recycling Machine, Fluidized Bed Type Drier, Pusher Type Centrifugal, Cleaning Cyclone, Elevator, Cyclones
DENGE MUHENDISLIK INSAAT VE BIL. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Contracting Service, Steel Contruction, Contract Manufacturing, Subcontracting, Construction Contract, Contractor Supply, Construction Contract Services, Construction Contractors

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DENGE Engineering works on the concept of realizing the projects on clients’s mind in the light of information, experience, creativity in solutions and responsibility. Utmost customer satisfaction is aimed at given services. DENGE Engineering has aimed at giving engineering services of high quality within the promised time period; paralel to the respective technological and scientific developments; and in a complete and satisfactory way. DENGE aims at undertaking all kinds of engineering services in the stages of feasibility works, design, planning, management and manufacturing by establishing its organization on a wide range of services. With the power of qualified human resources and with high level technical experience, we aim at contributing to the increase in engineering quality in Turkey. DENGE works on innovative solutions in constructions by utilizing all the innovations and developments offered by our age and technology. We ensure that our employees regularly receive vocational training in order to perform the innovations in the fields of engineering, informatics and technology and we adopt the principles of utilizing our occupation and offering it to customers in the best way possible. Our goal is to become one of the outstanding companies in the field of engineering which complete their institutionalization substantially.
SALT PROJECT MAKINA SANAYI TIC LTD STI has been established on the year 2000 by HAKAN ONCEVARLIK. The company has changed his name as SALT MAKINA SANAYI TIC VE LTD STI. On the year 2009. Since the year 2016 the company is proceeding as SALT PROJECT MAKINA SAN. TIC LTD. STI. Since the establishment, the company has giving service to the big industrial companies which are involved in the sector of the Salt and Sodium Sulfate for the subjects of the industrial contracting, manufacturing and erection and dismantling.
PramodER Constructions (also known as 'PER') is a privately-owned construction company with its head office based in Istanbul, Turkey and with a representative office based in London, UK. PER provides the highest quality of products and services to its customers worldwide; with the support of its partners, affiliated entities and through its dedicated team and highly skilled and experienced construction experts. Since its incorporation ‘PramodER Constructions’ has continued thriving and exceling within the industry, best known for its world class products and tailormade services but also the uniquely added incentive of the company’s aim to improve the condition of the world we live in. PER specialises in 4 main areas of metal (Steel & Aluminium) construction projects: • DESIGN: Working in partnership with our dedicated design team consisting of 15 staff with 7 draftsmen and 8 engineers, as we are consistently able to produce impacting results. Utilising the best methods such as 3D Modelling during the design phase means that we at PramodER Constructions mitigate the potential for errors to the best of our capability. Our design and drawing phases are completed using fully licensed, state of the art industry standard as well as internally developed software. At PER we have taken great care in order to conform to construction standards globally specifically the standards required for the U.S, the EU and Asia to name a few. These include but are not limited to: TS498, TS500, TS648, TS4561, TS3357, IBC 2009, AISC 2008, SDI, SNIP. • FABRICATION: With the cooperation of our affiliated partners, PER has a production capacity of 2,000 to 2500 tonnes per month on a 30,000 m² open space and having 13,500 m² closed space; and our operational factory is fully equipped with the newest and latest machinery which is complimented by highly skilled factory workers. • INSTALLATION: PramodER Constructions facilitates one of the most expert installation services on the market for high quality steel structures. At PER we have the added benefit of providing all our services in house meaning smooth coordination within project management as well as efficiency with regards to time scales and costs, whilst maintaining occupational safety requirements are complied with. • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: PramodER’s Project Management Team consists of highly skilled and experienced experts within the industry. With our Project Management services PramodER can help you to reduce any potential risks, prevent both technical /non- technical errors, control the project budgets and effectively keep your project within the planned schedule. Our Products include: 1. Conventional Steel Structures; 2. Aluminium structures; 3. SIN Beams; 4. Sandwich Panels; and 5. Corrugated Sheets It is the long-term hope and dream that PramodER Constructions with the help of its clientele will rebuild the Earth, both naturally and synthetically for the betterment of life for all. After all – Quality and Trust Matters!"
Established with the mission of constructing world-class, quality and modern buildings, Kurumsal Yapi Insaat A.S. continues to develop projects in accordance with this mission. Established under the leadership of its founder Ali Hasan DOGAN, Kurumsal Yapi Insaat A.S. nowadays, is becoming one of the first companies that come to mind when luxury housing projects are mentioned.
WISE ENERGY, which was founded in 2010, has aim to meet the needs of contractors in the energy and power sector both in international and local market especially for projects. In the context of international trade and cooperation with foreign contractors, WISE ENERGY has been started from Turkey, with bringing electrical materials in Azerbaijan. And, within 6 years, it has won the trust of customers in different countries. Countries we trade with; Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Moritania and Iraq. The desire and honor of WISE ENERGY is reaching the best level of customer satisfaction. WISE ENERGY, with the experience of our engineers, we meet our customers requested products & services with the economic means which enables us to serve the product & services without difficulties.
Having a continously increasing portfolio, DOG-SER Makina always pay attention to customer pleasure with the slogan "References are indicator of our work quality." DOG-SER Makina, corporating with the system and project engineers, has the potential to find various feasible solutions for customers during system developing process. The Compnany provides services as constructional steel, project and mechanical design, industrial facilities, machine & equipment installation, metal production and electricity.
Invest Engineering Co. Ltd was founded based long times experience in engineering and automation and now continues it's business activity under this name.We have many years of experience in Water Pumps Station, Medium Voltage Projects, Industrial Automation,Led Lighting Systems ,Solar Systems Projects,Cooling- Ventilation -Hvac Systems manufacturer and Energy Efficency Solutions .We are motivated by the challenges posed by customers working in demanding environments With developing and changing technology, user expectations are increasing constantly in the world, a company' s future is depending on client confidence, quality and services that offer high-quality products for the market. It's the main target of our company to think about the unique needs of each customer and respond to them so we have determined it as basic principles of our work. As a part of our project we use our combined experience and technical innovation in this sector. The accumulation of experience lets us use this technology not only in the newly established facilities, but also in the preinstalled ones and provide support of the system. Our vision is to become one of the fastest growing companies in the automation market in Turkey by providing reasonable prices, high quality and advanced technology. To success while keeping up with technologies, our team believes that every aspect of the efficient and observable system should be monitored and also we check products and installation at every stage, avoiding mistakes that's why efficiency and quality of our products will continue increasing. Our goal is entering local and global market using professionally modern technologies. Our company's main areas of expertise can be summarized as follows: Engineering and Automation Services Led Lighting systems Drinking and waste pump stations Driver and Softstarter sales, repair, commissioning, preventative maintenance Medium Voltage Soft Starters driver and device sales, repair, preventive maintenance, commissioning PLC and SCADA Solutions, Automation Machine, HVAC, pump, fan Water and Wastewater Automation Wireless Communication Systems Energy efficiency consulting Solar systems
As Sagi Engineering; We operates in industrial cooling systems manufacturing, cold room, cold room panel, cold room door and commercial refrigeration spare parts sales & service. We believe that our company will be the best solution partner for your ongoing and future projects.